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Stay motivated & on-track with our Pole Fundamentals workshops which meet for 90-mins, 6 weeks in a row. Our comprehensive workshops include elements of all our drop-in classes for busy dancers who need the most bang for their buck.



"Intro to Pole Dance" is a drop-in class to get you started off right.


Pick & choose individual classes to suit your goals & schedule. Drop-in classes are 60-min mixed-level classes which focus on one element of pole dance training to make you the most well-rounded dancer you can be.


After completing at least 3-5 "Intro to Pole Dance" classes, ask your instructor for approval to join "Pole Fundamentals Level 1."


"Sexy Pole 101" is your introduction to heel technique, beginner flow, learn fun sequences of choreo, and begin freedancing with no-pressure prompts.

Ask your instructor for approval to move up to "Pole Fundamentals Level 2" where you'll begin intermediate skills, including those done from a climb and on spin pole.


Take "Legs & Splits" to build the active flexibility needed for flat splits in the air, and refine your dancer's line.


Ask your instructor for approval to move up to "Pole Fundamentals Level 3" where you'll continue intermediate skills, including aerial inverts & combinations.


"Sexy Pole Flow" is designed to develop your signature dance style, and acquaint you with skills to freedance like a pro.


Ask your instructor for approval to move up to "Pole Fundamentals Level 4" where you'll begin working advanced skills, including spin pole combos & drops.


Ask your instructor for approval to move up to "Pole Fundamentals Level 5" where you'll begin working elite skills including flips & handsprings.


"Pole Dance Workout" teaches you a choreographed routine so you can turn off your mind & just dance.



Supplement workshops with drop-in classes anytime during your session to make the most of your training.

Mixed level "Pole Tricks" teaches you proper technique & safety in beginner through elite level pole tricks. Grab the crash mat & your instructor will spot you.



At Dollhouse, pole dancing is what we do best because it’s ALL we do. For over a decade we have studied the most efficient, effective training methods in order to safely coach someone with no gymnastic, aerial, dance—or any physical background at all—and guide them into the realm of elite-level acrobatic aerial tricks, help them extend their range of active (usable) flexibility, refine their “dancer line” (i.e. “ballet legs” and toe point), and blend all that with a silky-smooth dance style that captivates whether they dance for their self or an audience of hundreds.

One of the keys to our dancers' accelerated progress is our emphasis on teaching how to freedance (you might call it freestyling), which is not as effortless as it appears. But that's what we're here for. We'll hold your hand from your very first pirouette in those eight-inch heels. We'll coach you through every spin and trick and climb, through the good training days and the bad, until one day you find yourself completely engaged, focused, and vibing. Or as we call it, freedancing.


Don't be shy; we LOVE being there for someone's first spin or climb. Therefore no experience required, whatsoever. Get started off right in INTRO TO POLE DANCE, a 60-min class where you'll be surrounded by welcoming, encouraging beginning dancers who feel the same as you do.

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