Frequently Asked Questions

I've never danced this for me?

Yes! Most our students (and instructors) have no background in gymnastics, ballet, aerial, etc. If you love what you're doing and work at it, you'll improve. No age/size/gender/physical background limits your success here.

What should I expect from class?

Expect to be surrounded by a group of encouraging pole dancers who are enthusiastic about their training. Class syllabuses and structures vary, but our main focus at Dollhouse is training pole dancers not just pole tricksters, so we cover trick technique and will help you advance as far into pole dancing as you'd like, but we also place a lot of focus on free-dancing, no matter your style. Don't worry, we won't ask you to freedance in your first class--we begin with trick technique and choreographed routines until you feel comfortable enough to turn the music up and freedance your day away in our beautifully-thrown neon lights.


But I'm nervous...

Don't be shy; we love beginners! Try INTRO TO POLE, where you'll be surrounded by welcoming and encouraging students who feel the same as you do. INTRO TO POLE is a 4-week/60-min workshop. Several INTRO TO POLE workshops begin monthly, so you'll always find one that works with your schedule. But these are mighty popular, so register quickly  so you won't have to wait a while.


I'm convinced! How do I start?

We have two tracks to get you started: drop-in classes or workshops. 

  • Drop-in classes are single and specific classes, focusing on one element (such as flexibility, tricks, dance, choreography, etc). These are great if you're looking to try this pole dancing stuff out, or your schedule doesn't allow you to commit weeks in advance. Browse our variety of drop-in's by clicking SCHEDULE above. Everything you see on the POLE CLASSES page of our schedule site are drop-in classes, including: Pole Tricks, Pole Dance Workout, Pole Dance Freestyle & Flow, Legs & Splits, Strength & Flex, Spinning Pole Workout, and more. These are called "drop-in's" because you come when you want to, and they're generally multi-level. But you should still reserve your spot online as soon as you can to guarantee your place, and so the instructor can prepare.

  • Workshops are a progressive series of classes, and our most comprehensive: they include elements of all our drop-in classes, and run on a continual and leveled basis. Most our dancers begin their journey in INTO TO POLE, and continue throughout our 90-minute POLE FUNDAMENTALS workshops. We also sometimes offer "one-off" workshops, or specialty workshops guest-instructed by champion pole dancers. To access our current list of workshop offerings, click CLASSES & WORKSHOPS > SCHEDULE > WORKSHOPS above. 


What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable--whether that's a sequin bikini and 8" heels, or yoga pants and a hoodie. Keep in mind you'll need leg skin to grip the pole, and the more clothing you wear, the hotter you'll get and the more you'll sweat. We suggest shorts and workout tops for pole classes (barefoot or heels) and layers for workout and flexibility classes.  


What you should NOT wear is lotion: the greasy residue will leave poles slippery and dangerous for yourself and others. 


WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH HEELS? They make some floorwork moves easier (by sliding on the tip of the platform), extend the line of your legs, and emphasize a great toe point, but they make aerial skills more difficult because they add weight to your workout. Generally, whatever you get used to (barefoot or heels) is what you will prefer. We suggest going barefoot for your first few classes, then if you want you can begin wearing heels.

Heels are suggested for our SEXY POLE FLOW and SEXY FLOORWORK classes. Street shoes/street heels are not allowed in the studio; "real" pole dance shoes are the safest, and if you need some, we stock a rainbow of shiny, colored 7-inch stilettos with clear straps in sizes 6-8, and can special order any style or size you want from Pleaser!


Okay, I've enrolled for a workshop, but I'll miss a can I make it up?

  • If you miss a workshop class (discluding "specialty" workshops), you can make up your missed class in the following manner:

    • -Intro to Pole (or any non-specialty 60-minute workshop): Make up at any drop-in class. Maximum 1 missed class can be made up per session.

    • -Pole Fundamentals (or any non-specialty 90-minute workshop): Make up at any 2 drop-in classes. Maximum 1 missed class can be made up per session.

  • Only 1 missed workshop class can be made up per session.

  • Make-up classes are only applicable DURING the session of your missed workshop class.

  • We are no longer applying drop-in credits to your account for your makeup class(es). Instead, you can just attend any drop-in class of your choice, and let the receptionist or instructor know the day and name of your missed workshop that you're making up. (For this reason, we suggest not showing up to classes known to sell out, as we don't want you to come only to find out the class is full!)


I want my friend to join me!

  • If your friend is paying their own way, send them to link to us!

  • If you want to pay FOR them, click here to see how easy that is