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Drenched in jewel-toned neon lights and the golden glow of our marquee, our private back room was created as an oasis for Dollhouse dancers to practice skills, techniques, freedancing, or choreography learned in classes. Bookable in 1 hour slots, simultaneously with our normal class & workshop hours, this beautiful & private studio is yours to enjoy for the hour.

Additionally, the room was build to show & competition stage specs, so it offers the perfect training playground for creating stage-ready performances.

  • Two 45mm chrome spin/static X-Poles (show & competition standard)

  • Poles are spaced 8 feet apart (show & competition standard)

  • Poles are 11 feet high (show & competition standard)

  • Get just the right vantage point with 2 large, moveable mirrors

  • Play your own music on the sound system with bluetooth & aux cord, as well as USB ports for charging your dead or dying devices

Each hour slot of Open Pole is open to 2 dancers (1 per pole). If no one books the other pole during your time slot, you would have the room to yourself. If you would like to guarantee the room booked all to yourself, you can book yourself for both slots or email and we can help you.



  • No instruction allowed

  • Current students only--no exceptions. (A current student is someone currently attending a workshop OR someone who attends at least 1 drop-in class per week. Travel-in dancers welcome - please email beforehand)

  • No friends/plus-one's allowed in Open Pole. Friends joining you must be current students + purchase an Open Pole spot.

  • Please treat our studio with respect--anyone whose activities threaten to damage our equipment or studio (poles, walls, mirrors, floors, music, etc) WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE without a refund.


NEW! Back Room

NEW! Back Room
Freedance in OPEN POLE!
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Back Room
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Perfect for Floorwork...
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