• Single ($20) Drop-In Class credits expire **6 MONTHS** after date of purchase

  • 5- and 10-Class Packs expire **3 MONTHS** after date of purchase

  • No gum, candy, cough drops, or anything you could choke on allowed in your mouth during class

  • Don't apply lotion or greasy oils at least 24 hours before a pole class--for your safety, and the continued safety of everyone using our equipment

  • Don't wear rings or bracelets, these scratch up the poles, and scratched-up poles = slippery poles

  • Minimum of 4 students enrolled before noon on the day-of is required in order for a class to happen. You can see how many students are enrolled on our schedule page. You should recieve an email around noon if your class is cancelled, but sometimes our emails are eaten by spam filters, so please check the schedule before heading to class!

  • Single and class packages are nontransferable (this means you can't buy a 10 pack and split it with a friend. It also means you can't bring a friend to class using one of the classes on your 5-Class Pack. But you CAN easily pay for your friend or family member at checkout (SEE INSTRUCTIONS HERE).

  • EARLY CANCELLATION: Canceling your spot in a class with 8 or more hours' notice. These will credit that class to your account, allowing you to use that class elsewhere.

  • LATE CANCELLATION: Canceling your spot in class less than 8 hours before the class's start time. You will lose that class credit, but late-canceling allows wait-list and stand-by students the opportunity to attend an otherwise full class.



  • Speciality workshops (guest instructors and holiday events) are refundable or transferable until 14 days prior to the start date

  • Regular workshops (Intro & Pole Fundamentals) are refunded or transferable until 5 days prior to the start date

  • By transferable, we mean you can transfer the cost of your workshop to other classes, workshops, merchandise. Not to another person.

  • We send email notifications to remind you of upcoming workshop enrollments, so please remember to check your email! If you didn't recieve a confirmation email after you enrolled, it means we're being tragically digested by your spam folder. In that case, add chloekayne[at]icloud.com to your contact list.

  • If you miss your entire session, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds, or transfer your past workshop payment to an upcoming session. But with enough notice prior to your workshop's start date, we can move mountains...or just your workshop! Contact us ;)



  • If you miss a workshop class (discluding "specialty" workshops), you can make up your missed class in the following manner:

  • Intro to Pole (or any non-specialty 60-minute workshop): Make up at any OPEN POLE session. Maximum 1 missed class can be made up per session.

  • Pole Fundamentals (or any non-specialty 90-minute workshop): Make up at any 2 OPEN POLE sessions. Maximum 1 missed class can be made up per session.

  • Only 1 missed workshop class can be made up per session.

  • Make-up classes are only applicable DURING the session of your missed workshop class.

  • We are no longer applying OPEN POLE credits to your account for your makeup class(es). Instead, you can just attend any OPEN POLE session times of your choice, and let the receptionist or instructor know the day and name of your missed workshop that you're making up. (For this reason, we suggest checking the schedule before showing up, as we don't want you to come in only to find out the OPEN POLE is full!)



  • Private lessons must be paid for in advance.

  • No-shows to private lessons will be assessed a $10 fine.



  • When you enroll for our Monthly Membership, you're entering into an auto-pay contract. We do not offer Monthly Memberships on a month-to-month basis. This is what enables us to offer you highly discounted classes when you enroll in this program! So you must remember to cancel your membership in order to stop being charged.

  • Monthly Memberships allow you to take up to 15 classes/month.
  • Because of the low cost per class of this program and the limited amount of space in classes, we must cap the amount of students who take out Monthly Memberships to 6. We're currently at capacity, but we'll notify everyone when a Membership becomes available -- be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to our Newsletters.
  • Monthly Memberships are for drop-in classes only. Workshops and Open Pole sessions are not included.

  • Unlike most gyms offering this program, we have no commitment periods on Monthly Memberships. This means we do not require you to commit to this program for a certain amount of months in order to reap the benefits. But we do need 7 business days' notice on cancellations. We cannot be responsible for refunding past payments if you forgot to cancel your membership.

  • There is a $10 fee is charged to Monthly Memberships who late cancel or no-show on classes. To help you avoid these fees, we've widened the late-cancel window on drop-in classes to 8 hours before class. This means you can now enroll as late as NOON for a class at 8PM that night, and not be considered a "late cancellation." (The window used to be 24 hours)

    • EARLY CANCELLATION: Canceling your spot in a class with 8 or more hours' notice. If you can't make a class you enrolled for, log in and EARLY CANCEL to avoid fees.

    • LATE CANCELLATION: Canceling your spot in class less than 8 hours before the class's start time will result in a $10 fee. (We hate to have to do this, as we hate fees too, but its' the best way to ensure a happy, fun studio for all. This ensures anyone who wants a place in class can get one, and will prevent classes from running if they fall below the minimum of 4 students)


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