Commemorate milestones with our 100% embroidered acheivment patches. These were created to decorate the sleeves of our new Varsity Jackets but if that's not your style, use these on your pole bag or any other heat-safe material instead.


HOW TO APPLY: set a clothing iron to "cotton" or maximum heat. Lay jacket sleeve on a heat-safe surface such as an ironing board, and position patch where you'd like it on the sleeve. To protect the fabric of the jacket, place wax paper, a hankercheif, or pillowcase between the patch and iron. Press iron downward onto patch for 30-45 seconds. Do not move the iron around as this can alter the position of the patch. Do not iron patches onto the BODY of the jacket, as patent vinyl is not heat-safe. If you wish to adhere patches to the jacket's body, SEW the patches on instead.

Iron-On Varsity Patches

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