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Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio (est. 2012) is a unique pole dance studio situated in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis "Arts District."


FROM THE OWNER. I opened Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio because I loved the classic style of pole dancing as opposed to the "strictly fitness" style of pole which was very popular at the time. I tried to create the type of studio that I wanted to attend (a pole DANCE studio, as opposed to a "pole fitness gym") that felt open and welcoming to anyone who wanted to learn the art because I feel that packaging pole strictly as a "fitness" endeavor is an attempt to remove the stigma that associates pole dancing with its creators--exotic dancers--which I disagree with. Exotic dancers pioneered this art, so I never want to disassociate pole dancing from its roots.


OUR FACILITY. Our spacious 2,000sqft studio is a pole dancer's paradise boasting 10 competition-grade stainless steel static/spin poles. Our exceptionally high 14ft competition-grade 45mm stainless steel poles offer unparalleled opportunity for astounding aerial feats as well as conditioning moves during our wide variety of pole dance workout classes.


Our sprung hardwood dance floor is built to absorb shock, making it ideal for pole dance and conditioning classes. Both our pole studios are  equipped with mirrored walls, a state of the art stereo surround sound system, and professional stage lighting to make you feel center-stage, even when you're in class. We have private dressing rooms and a bathroom for your comfort, and garment hooks for your belongings. We also offer locker rentals at $10/month for our frequent dancers.


The back "VIP" studio is outfitted with smooth white floors, neon lights, and two 11' poles (40mm and 45mm diameter) built to show and competition stage specs, and is available for open pole and private lessons during all normally-scheduled classes. When not in use for open pole or privates, the poles fold up into the ceiling for floorwork, stretching, contortion, handstands/balancing, and conditioning classes.


OUR CLASSES are held 7 days a week, ranging from 9AM, the occasional lunch-hour lesson + plenty of convenient after-work and weekend times. We have pay-as-you-go "drop-in" classes, or leveled series of progressive workshops (for your safety, instructor approval is required to "level up"). A great way to start pole dancing is with our 4-week INTRO TO POLE workshop, where you'll meet once weekly and learn the basic skills and fundamentals of pole dancing. We're known for our friendly atmosphere and close community, so don't be shy! We love beginners, and we'd love to meet you.


SHOWTIME. We don't just put on shows, we produce kaleidoscopic spectacles, whether it's our DOLLS MUST DIE student show or our giant venue revue, DOLLS ON PARADE. At Dollhouse, we value showmanship as much as trick technique, so we can help you reach your showgirl goals, whether you want to own the big stage, or taste it from the safety of our classroom. Bring on the sequins!  Visit our shows page to see what secrets we've got up our rhinestoned sleeves.


WHO WE TRAIN. Our intensive training program's geared toward every type of pole dance enthusiast. No matter your style, background, or goals, we have the expertise to help you become the best pole dancer you can be. We're blessed to have instructors who specialize in a range of styles: gorgeous & lyrical, slow & sultry, club-style sexy, powerful, and dynamic. We train everyone from the fun & fitness-oriented to dedicated performers and exotic dancers looking to bring their stage show to the next level.


SEASONAL WORKSHOPS. We also offer seasonal specialty workshops, 2-hour holiday-themed workshops where you can bring friends of any level and learn a fun & festive choreographed routine, among supportive and encouraging classmates. These special holiday-themed workshops include built-in lobby time to sip chilled lemonade in the spring or summer, and hot cider or cocoa in the fall or winter. Costumes are always welcome here--so feel free to have fun and dress up.


GUEST INSTRUCTORS. We often invite professional guest-instructors to teach intensive weekend workshops. Many of our favorite "pole stars" have taught at Dollhouse, including Alethea Austin, Brynn Route, Cleo the Hurricane, Candace Cane, Marlo Fisken, Jamilla DeVille, Claudia Renee, Amy Guion, Mary Ashton Kolacinski, and more! Keep checking our instructors page to see who's stopping by next.

COMPETITION COACHING. As the only official Pole Sport Organization training center in Minnesota, we've helped dozens of students train, rehearse, travel, and compete in regional and national competitions over the past two years. Our innovative approach and unique attention to detail help set our competition team apart on-stage, and the camaraderie built among teammates during the months of training leading up to competition is unforgettable.


Above all, we want to help you find the way you love to dance, then inspire you to work like hell to refine & improve upon that. Then if you want to share that on-stage, whether in shows or competitions, we'll help you get there.


1517 Central Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

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